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Haptonomy - Doctrine of Touch

Deep bonding between the parents and the baby already in the womb through gentle touch and connection - enjoying and allowing the miracle of life to unfold.

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At the Maternity Ward

What to expect and to ask at the maternity ward in hospital especially if you do not have a postpartum midwife for the aftercare at home.

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January 22 - Courses & Workshops

Looking for a birth preparation course? Need to find your way back into your new postpartum body? Want to enjoy your time and get to know your little one? Starting solids in Germany...

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Child Sickness Benefit in Germany

Did you know that the German Health Insurance pays Child Sickness Benefit, if your child needs care and is sick at home - and your employer needs to give you leave?

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Hospitals for giving birth in Stuttgart

In Stuttgart and the surrounding area, there is a large selection of clinics where you can give birth. Here is an overview and a MAP, which can help you to navigate your way around plus links virtual delivery room tours.

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A time-out on prescription for mothers/fathers/families to get some rest and charge their batteries with the help of an organised holistic program by the clinic or institute during their stay.

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Feldberger Hof

Feldberger Hof -  a family hotel for all generations in the Schwarzwald.

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Buy/Sell & Donate

If you are expecting or have a baby / child, you need lots of stuff or have lots of stuff you want to get rid off. We will give you some tips for Stuttgart and beyond.

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