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Malzbier for more Milk

Malzbier and Weizenbier - alkoholfrei can help with milk production when breastfeeding. This is not scientifically proven but a lot of moms have good experiences.

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Cracked Nipples

When you start feeding your baby your nipples might crack and bleed as they are not used to it. Nearly every breastfeeding woman experiences this.

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March Programm 2022

We are so happy we were able to finalise so many courses, workshops and meet-ups in March and are excited to meet YOU. Booking as usual via our Calendar.

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Midwife Delivery Room

A midwife delivery room is a delivery room in a clinic, where women are cared for exclusively by midwives. A doctor is not present.

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Healthy Baby Sleep

Tired, exhausted, overwelmth or just confused about baby sleep?
Or familiar with these questions from people around you?

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