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Baby Swimming

Swimming is great fun for your baby as this is a familiar element. Enjoy the time as a family and learn here where you can book a course.

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Stores with Baby Clubs

A lot of stores, esp. drugstores, have their  own Baby Club, offering you welcome gifts, vouchers, coupons, products, presents and much more.

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Babies, Toddlers and Sun

The skin of babies & toddlers is particularly sensitive to the sun. We will give you the official recommendations on how to protect your little one.

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Babies and Sleep

Sleeping is a topic lots of new parents are worried about.
How to teach a baby to sleep and are there some rules to follow?

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CEL - Children's English Library in Stuttgart

The CEL Children's English Library is offering books, games, activities and more for the English Speaking Community - focusing on children they also have plenty for adults. Go there and check it out.

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Wilhelma - Kids Special

The Zoo, Wilhelma, in Stuttgart has a very special attractions for children. Enjoy the time with your children.

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