Pregnancy / Baby Bonus from your Health Insurance

Did you know that there are special bonus programs around pregnancy & for your baby?

Most public and private health insurance companies in Germany offer a pregnancy and/or baby bonus.

But how do you get such a bonus?

The bonus is not paid automatically; you have to actively register with the health insurance company's bonus program.
The individual health insurance companies have different registration procedures. It is best to call the health insurance directly and ask about the bonus program. Some health insurers also have the registration link and more details on their homepage.
We recommend registering relatively early in your pregnancy. This way you can assess exactly what you can use the bonus for and when. The baby bonus can be applied for after the birth.

What DOES the pregnancy bonus ENCOMPASS?

You can get different packages here. These vary depending on your health insurance. Most of the time, it is between 150 and 300 euros, which is used to pay for additional services that are not normally included in the statutory health insurance.  You can e.g. submit bills for additional ultrasound examinations, a special birth preparation course, hypnobirthing, special blood tests and additional courses such as a breastfeeding course and baby care course.

Some health insurance companies also offer special pregnancy apps. Here you can get additional benefits, such as online courses.

What DOES THE baby bonus ENCOMPASS?

This service is not offered by all health insurers. Here you get between 50 and 350 € from the health insurance company in the first months after the birth of your child. The prerequisite for this is usually that the preventive medical examinations during pregnancy and at the paediatrician have been attended in full. Some health insurance funds also require proof of a postnatal recovery course. In this case, it is important to ask the health insurance fund about the possible prerequisites and then register accordingly.

Most health insurers have a service hotline, which you can find on the homepage of the health insurer.  You can get all the information you need there.

We'll keep our fingers crossed that your insurance offers such a service.

It is definitely worth it.

Want to save some more? Check out the bonus systems of Baby Clubs of various drugstores and shops. 


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