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Gravida = latin for a pregnant woman; Gravity = being grounded / rooted;  Amiga = friend in Spanish

Why are your courses not paid for by the health insurance companies?

 Our courses or basic qualifications do not always correspond 100% to the specifications that the health insurance companies have set up for themselves. Unfortunately, the system is very rigid and therefore we do not get a promise for a settlement over the insurance companies.
However, you can try to submit the invoice to your insurance company.

What is different between your birth preparation classes compared to classes paid by the German insurance?

 The classes with Gravidamiga are more compact, but all important topics are covered. Normally in a German class are up to 20 couples. We have a maximum of 8 couples or one-on-one classes. Therefore, our course is more individual and private. 
The Gravidamiga course is held by a Gynecologist  specialized on pregnancy and birth and a pre- and postnatal trainer and Health Coach, which is unique in Germany.

The course is a mixture of practical and theoretical topics together with your partner. We believe this is very important, because especially in a foreign country it is so important to be a good team (you, your partner and your baby).
In Germany the courses are mostly for women only with one short partner session (for the partner session you must pay privately up to 120 €-150 €). Additionally, we talk about practical preparation for birth such as hospital procedures with a focus on giving birth in a foreign country.

Of course you will receive an extensive hand-out and YouTube Videos you can refer to after course and if you like you can join our community of like-minded mamas and papas for support and making new friends.

main differences:
language (English), size of the course or one-on-one , qualification of the course leaders, individual, focus on the partner
plus the topic: giving birth in a foreign country, huge community you can join and an extensive hand-out and YouTube Videos to refer to after the course.


What is the difference between a Birth Preparation Course and Birth PReparation supported by Hypno birthing?

These two courses complement each other.
In the classical birth preparation, besides breathing and body exercises, the informative aspects are a major topic.
In hypno birthing you get to know yourself and your needs and how you can use hypnosis techniques & breathing techniques to make your birth anxiety-free and relaxed.
Read more here about hypno birthing on the website of Marjorie

Can my partner attend the birht preparation course?

Yes, the course is together with your partner.

How do i register?

If you want to book a course, you will find a button to register next to the course content. Either you will find our online registration or you need to send us an email. For individual courses please send us your inquiry via our individual request form.
Or contact us via mail: :

What if I am sick or cannot attend a Booked Workshop or course?

We know that there is always an uncertainty.
If you cannot attend a course or workshop due to a medical reason (subject to proof of a doctors confirmation), we will reimburse the course fee minus the registration fee (Workshops 5€, all other courses 20€). The latter is to cover our internal costs and time. A rebooking / rescheduling is always possible without additional costs.

If you cancel for non medical reasons more than 30 days in advance, the registration fee is applicable, between 30-15 days in advance we require 50% of the fee and any cancellation within two weeks before the course is subject to 100% of the total course/ workshop fee.
A rebooking / rescheduling is always possible without additional costs.

However, please talk to us about your reasons. We always try to find a good solution.

How do i receive the invoice?

After your registration you will receive a confirmation email with the invoice attached.

How do i pay?

You will receive an invoice after registration. Depending on the course, you pay your course fee either via

  • our booking platform Eversports directly
  • via bank transfer
    Gravidamiga – pregnancy & babies GbR
    IBAN: DE64 6004 0071 0564 3861 00
  • via Paypal: paypal/me: gravidamiga

What can i do if i do not find a midwife?

There are solutions - here you can find some blog post around this topic.
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Alternatives to an aftercare Midwife
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how do i stay up to date?

Please register for our NEWSLETTER and follow us on Facebook/Instagram. 

How do i get in touch with the GRAVIDAMIGA TEAM?

We are happy to hear from you. The best way to reach us is by email: