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Pregnant or just Had a baby IN GERMANY?

Don't know what to do next? What a rollercoaster of emotions!

About Gravidamiga

Pregnant women and new moms need even more support being abroad. There is a whole new level of awareness and sensitivity.
We are here to support international moms & moms-to-be / families around all topics pregnancy & babies in Germany.

our offer

We offer intimate & individual classes/courses in English online and in person in Stuttgart.
Our services include Birth Preparation Courses, Yoga (pre- and post-birth), Postpartum Recovery Courses, Mama Workout and courses around your baby such as Breastfeeding, Baby Care, Baby Massage, Introducing Solids, Child Safety and more.

Browse our categories or jump to our calendar for an overview about current classes - if you are looking for individual support - click here.
Plus - we share lots of knowledge in our blog and our tips section and in our free virtual & in person Mama Talks.


Whatever your needs, we want to help you to make your pregnancy & early motherhood a positive experience so that you feel safe and cared for.

We are here  for you.


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service categories 


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Pregnant in a country you do not speak the language in? Looking for some support in this special time.
Here you find all kinds of services and information to make you feel safe.

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After giving birth there are still so many questions and a whole new world to discover.
On top you yourself need to be nourished - we want you to feel the support you deserve.

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Babies & Toddlers

Need some support with your little one as everything is still so new?
Here you can find some relief with courses, workshops and individual offers.

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Mom Life

From where to go to make new friends up to meet- ups and daily life services. 

Gravidamiga Blog & News

Here you can find tons of information - from medical topics up to good-to-know information for your daily Mom Life.

At the Maternity Ward

What to expect and to ask at the maternity ward in hospital especially if you do not have a postpartum midwife for the aftercare at home.

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Pregnant or just moved with a new-born?

Joy, happiness, expectations, love, but also insecurity, fear, loneliness, confusion, emptiness ...

We are your helping hand.

Gravidamiga - what others say

Once again thank you for your help: birth preparation classes made my husband to calm down :) and finding hebamme - well that's just a miracle!

We both had a really wonderful experience in the birthing class and learnt so much. 

The 24 hours of labor was really challenging, but XY and I were both better prepared to handle it because of your training!

 I believe that chances to win in a lottery are higher than to find a midwife in Stuttgart 3 days before the due date + English speaking! So I am also going to buy a lottery ticket just in case :)) Once again thank you for your help.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have done for us. We will never be able to express how grateful we are for your support these past weeks but please know it meant the world to us and still does.

A range of topics are covered in a very short period of time, which is very impressive. This course is compact but full of valuable information and tips.

Again thanks very much for all your attention, your kindness, supporting us during this special time and answering all our questions. It has been a great experience.