Whatever your needs, we want to help you to make your pregnancy & early motherhood a positive experience so that you feel safe and cared for.

Pregnant or just had a baby in Germany?

Don't know what to do next? What a rollercoaster of emotions!

Pregnant women and new moms need even more support being abroad. There is a whole new level of awareness and sensitivity.

We are here to support international moms & moms-to-be plus their families around all topics pregnancy & babies in Germany.

We are here  for you ❤

We offer intimate & individual classes/courses in English online and in person in Stuttgart.

Our services include Birth Preparation Courses, Yoga (pre- and post-birth), Postpartum Recovery Courses, Mama Workout and Workshops such as Breastfeeding & Formula, Baby & Me, Introducing Solids, Child Safety, Home Remedies & Healthy Baby Sleep. 

Browse our categories or jump to our Calendar for an overview about current classes – if you are looking for individual support – click here.
Plus – we share lots of knowledge in our blog and our tips section and in our free virtual & in person Mama Talks.

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Pregnant in a country you do not speak the language in? 
Here you find all kinds of services and information to make you feel safe.

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After giving birth there are still so many questions and a whole new world to discover. We want to support you and help you recover.

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Babies & Toddlers

Need some support with your little one? Courses & workshops around your baby and toddler.

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Mom Life

From where to go to make new friends up to meet-ups and daily life services. 

Gravidamiga Blog

Here you can find tons of information - from medical topics up to good-to-know information for your daily Mom Life.

Postpartum Recovery

Why we recommend a postpartum course and how you can recognise a good course.

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What others say...

This course is a MUST DO, especially BEFORE a first aid course... #Child Safety

The information and support during the birth course as well as outside of it has been phenomenal...

No matter how much I praise your practice, I cannot do you justice...

The course exceeded my expectations,...

Loved loved loved the course! 


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