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Diastasis Recti

A Diastasis Recti is a gap between the two bellies of the rectus abdominis (Six pack muscles) often after being pregnant.
Learn more about it and what can be done.

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Planning to get pregnant?

Planning a pregnancy , many women ask themselves, if they need to do something in preparation.
There are three main aspects to pay attention to.

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Toxoplasmosis & Pregnancy

A short overview about an infection called toxoplasmosis, why it might be good to test for it, why this can be dangerous for pregnancy and what can be done to avoid or treat this disease.

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Mastitis / Breast Inflammation

Mastitis is just plain awful, but it does NOT have to be part of your breastfeeding journey. Read more about what kind of tips Mary has for you.

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Postpartum Depression - PPD

In this blog post our coach Flavie is destigmatizing postpartum depression, which is a common maternal mental health phenomenon.

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