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Myoreflex Therapy

Myoreflex therapy for stressed mothers & women/men a good way to get rid of tension, migraine and pain.

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Sense of Belonging

Belonging - what is it? Do you know the feeling that you could show up wearing anything, call at any hour and ask any favor from someone? And that if they...

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Atlas Therapy

Atlas Therapy is an extremely gentle procedure in manual medicine to help with a lot of different indications - especially beneficial for babies & children.

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The Key to a Calm Birth

Our Angle Marjorie, also a  hypnobirthing instructor, is talking about the key to a calm birth. PodCast: The Key to a Calm Birth March 2021 Gravidamiga featuring  Dr.

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Diastasis Recti

A Diastasis Recti is a gap between the two bellies of the rectus abdominis (Six pack muscles) often after being pregnant.
Learn more about it and what can be done.

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