cord blood and placenta nosodes

Placenta Nosodes

what they are, how to use and where to order

What are placenta nosodes

Placenta nosodes are the product of homeopathic preparation of one's own placenta in the form of globuli. They can be produced from a tiny piece of the maternal placenta within a few days. Since the placenta is only available once in a lifetime, the placenta nosodes are a unique homeopathic medicine. The globulis allow easy use and can be well dosed. With this method a part of the special connection between mother and child can be taken into life.

What to use them for

It is said that placenta globuli have a positive effect on the body's self-healing powers. Mothers should help them with stress or nervousness and also ease physical ailments such as colds, migraines or regular pain. Used for the children, the placenta nosodes are supposed to strengthen the immune system, among other things, to relieve digestive problems such as bloating, restlessness or rashes.

Whether placental nosodes improve these ailments has not been scientifically investigated. There are no acceptable efficacy based studies. But there are lot’s of positive, personal experiences.


Placenta nosodes are offered in various potencies – for example, C/D6, 8, 12, 20, 30. These are the dilution levels which are typical of homeopathic globules. The higher the potency, the gentler the agent appears.


Depending on the provider, the cost of placental nosodes varies. A standard series will incur amounts of around EUR 100. Orders for individual globules vary between 30 and 200 euros.

how to order

To order a kit to send the placenta after birth to a pharmacy which produces the placenta nosodes you must go to the homepage of the pharmacy to fill a questionnaire. Most of these are in German.

You must order the kit before birth. Most companies send the kit for free and you must pay when you send the placenta and order the globuli. Here is a pharmacy where you can order, watch a video how to and more.

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June 2020 - Dr. Christine Krämer M.D.
This blog post has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“
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Updated: August 2023

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