Kinesiology Taping for pregnancy & postpartum

Taping can bring you relief from various complaints.

Kinesiology tape is an elastic textile, colorful adhesive tape, which is used in alternative medicine.
In special techniques it is applied to the skin and can be helpful for some complaints in pregnancy and postpartum.


  • Symphyseal complaints of any kind (e.g. PSD)
  • Holding function / support function of the abdomen
  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tensions


  • diastasis recti
  • Back pain
  • Symphyseal complaints (e.g. PSD)
  • Scar tape for caesarean section
  • Milk congestion
  • Mastitis

Taping is offered by midwives, medical surgeries & physiotherapists. 
Normally taping is self-payment but some (private) health insurances might cover the costs.
Please check this with your health insurance  accordingly.

Just ask your contacts or make an appointment with us directly or our partner Herzallerliebst in Esslingen and Stuttgart Bad Cannstatt.


Updated February 2021 Gravidamiga & Michaela Buss - Hebamme - Herzallerliebst
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