Flying with children and babies

Air Travel with your baby

Tips on travelling by air with your baby.

Taking the plane with a baby

Normally a baby can fly when it is 1 week old, but you should ask you pediatrician first.


Your baby needs a passport.

Booking your baby you can either chose not to have a spare seat (free) or book their own seat (e.g. you want to bring a car seat).
Children who turn two years old during the trip will need their own seat.
Please note that for safety reasons, only one baby per adult is allowed on board.

Child seat/baby carrier
A child car seat or baby carrier can be used to increase passive safety for infants and children (up to the age of about 7 years) on board. You can take them for free with you. But you need to book a separate seat for the baby (mostly they have special offers for you and you must not pay the full price.

Baby cots
On most longer flights there are special baby cots (Baby hammocks) ready for you. The beds are perfect for babies under 11 kg body weight and under 67 cm height. The number of baby cots on board is limited. Make sure to reserve one prior to flying.


Usually at the airport there is either a free stroller service (you check in your stroller into bulk luggage) or you can take your stroller with you.
At any rate it is good to have a baby carrier to have your hands free and your baby safe.
Make sure to pack your diaper bag to easily access the necessities (diapers, pacifier, toys)

Liquids & Security
Normally liquids are not allowed through security. This is different with a baby/toddler.
You are allowed to take their water/liquids with you (depending on the airport they might make you try it though)


Seat belt
You will receive a special seatbelt for your baby and the staff will help you with using it.

Ear Pressure
When you fly help your baby balance the (ear)pressure by giving them a pacifier or feeding them, when the plane is climbing and descending.

Changing Tables
Mostly changing tables are located in the washrooms on board and often there are also diapers on board.

the planes have water for your formula.


There is always the possibility to book a passenger assistance or a porter service to make your travel easier in transit and arrival. 

Travel Safe!

May 2020
Dr. Christine Krämer & Kira Neumann
This blog post has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“
Please make sure to visit your doctor prior to flying being pregnant or with your baby.
Picture credit: Living in Stuttgart

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