Offers from our Partners


(high resolution ultrasound) with our partner & mentor Dr. Ismail Tekesin.

Psychological counselling (support for your soul)

Two of our Angels Marjorie & Flavie offer psychological counselling, coaching and support for your soul via video conference (Zoom, Skype), telephone and e-mail. You can contact them with any question you may have around the changes, transitions and challenges of pregnancy, giving birth (especially traumatic birth experiences, pre-natal anxiety and post-natal depression) and family life.

Introductory consultation: 10 minutes - free of charge
First consultation: 20 minutes = 30 Euro, thereafter that 1 Euro per minute
Prices for follow up consultation sessions to be discussed with the partner.

Doula Services 
A Doula is a professionally trained woman who gives one-to-one emotional and practical support before during and after childbirth. She can accompany a woman during childbirth and/or provide emotional and practical support to the family after the baby is born - especially if you did not find a midwife.
Please contact our Doulas.

Hypnobirthing Course
This is a technique and philosophy which strengthens the womens’ confidence in their ability to give birth to their child naturally and  in their own way with less pain. Please contact the course leaders Marjorie or Josette directly.

Breastfeeding - Courses and One-on-One
Learn more about mindful breastfeeding or breastfeeding in general in one of the courses our experts offer.

Wellness during Pregnancy
Suffering of back pain? Tired legs? or just looking for some relaxation?
We have experts in our team, plus we cooperate with some other therapists (massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, taping), who can help.


Please get in touch with our partners directly.
If you have trouble finding the suitable service, please contact us and we will point you in the right direction.