Certified pregnancy & delivery Doula.
Holistic birth coach, supporting your choices.

I am a DiD trained and certified Labor Doula.

Since 7 years I am attending international women and their partners in English and Portuguese – to believe in their own power and ability to give birth. I dedicate to preserve your birth experience by caring for your specific needs, by fostering safety and strength in your choices, and utilizing my continuing education and experience by: 

  • 2-6 prenatal visits - providing mentally & physically birth preparation using breath, voice, movement, art, touch, relaxation, meditation & visualisation
  • Physical comfort measures & techniques from hypnobirthing, spinning babies, rebozo, Qi Gong
  • Continuous 1:1 birth support at the location of your choice – at home, birth centre or hospital
  • Prepare, strengthen & include the partner as full caring & supportive
  • prenatal mother baby bonding anaysis
  • blessing way & bellybinding

Doula Insa Schipper
Individual Pregnancy & Birth Support

Mail: insa@doula-stuttgart.de
Web: https://www.doula-stuttgart.de/
Facebook: Doula Stuttgart