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Baby & Me - Baby Massage and more

4 session course - Basics for massaging, handling & connecting with your baby

Event description

This 4 week baby & me course is suitable from 8 weeks to pre crawling stage. 

Focusing on deepening the connection between you and your baby, you will learn some easy-to-follow strokes to massage your baby at home, handle your baby, relief tummy troubles, basic reflexology & the benefits of lullabies.

Enjoy this time of calmness and deep connection with your baby and within yourself. And do not worry if your baby does not want the massage during class (as we all know babies rarely adhere to a schedule...) :-) Therefore enjoy watching and being with us and apply later what you have learnt.

By the end of the course you will be able to give your baby a whole body baby massage and experience how a massage  can positively influence and support your baby's development.
At the same time we will also teach you how to release stress and enjoy being in the moment.

We will provide you with a hand-out  & videos for easy reference.


Please note that in the live courses only one parent can attend.

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