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Kindergeld, Elterngeld und Geburtsbescheinigung? WHAT?
Child support, parental benefits and birth certificates

Need help in the German bureaucracy jungle?

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Compass Relocation will help you find out what kind of support you are eligible for and help to fill out the documents.

General fees for this service are 100 Euro per document (Elterngeld/Kindergeld)
Should you have more difficult and special requests or are unsure, please contact them for an offer.

They also offer general relocation services like searching for your new home and all the paperwork (e.g. Visas, registrations) one might encounter moving to Germany.

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Baby in Berlin - Elodie Roux -

She can help you specifically with your Elterngeld and Kindergeld applications, as well as understand the ramifications of all the paperwork related to having a baby in Germany with online courses and individual personal services.

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