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Mon, 04. Oct - Mon, 13. Dec 2021
Survival German for Moms

with focus on what you need being a Mom in Germany.

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Mon, 04. Oct - Mon, 13. Dec 2021
Mondays 1:30 - 2:30 p.m.
min. 3, max. 8 participants
160 Euro plus 15 Euro registration fee



No class on the 1st of November due to a German National Holiday.


As the course has already started, online registration is no longer possible.

But if we have fee spots, you can join an already running course.
Please contact us by mail

Event description

Need the essentials to manage daily life in Germany as a mom?
This survival German course for Moms will teach you what you need to make your life a little easier.

Areas covered are
  • basic shopping phrases with special emphasis on the needs of Babies, Toddlers and Children
  • small talk (on the playground & with other moms)
  • doctor’s appointments 
  • restaurants
  • family outings & more (how to buy your tickets and ask for special discounts)
The qualified trainers will put everything in a clear cultural context to make sure you can manage your new life here in Germany with confidence.


Our course is suitable for beginners without pre-existing knowledge of German.
Test your German here to see if this course is suitable for you  - you should get a MAXIMUM result of A1.2.

The small groups provide a safe and comfortable learning environment with lots of practice that you can apply right away.
There will be lots of time for questions, too.

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