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Tue, 15. Jun 2021
Introducing Solids - Workshop

When and how to start with solid food for your baby.

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Tue, 15. Jun 2021
10 - 11:30 a.m.
plus time for Q&A
min 2
39 Euro / 59 per couple



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Event description

Healthy solid food for your baby in the 1st year during breast - and/or bottle feeding.

Food is a very emotional topic and different for every person and in each culture.
In this course we will give you the general guidelines of how to start solids with your baby. 
In the end this is up to you and your general understanding of nutrition on how you apply these guidelines.

You will figure out:

  • what healthy and balanced solid food means
  • when is your baby ready for solid food
  • how to start with solid food
  • fingerfood and baby-led-weaning (BLW)

You will get a roadmap how to start with solid food until the end of the 1st year and wean from the breastfeeding at the same time.

At the end you receive a handout with the major take-aways from the workshop.