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Sun, 01. Jan 2023 - Sat, 01. Jun 2024
Baby Care | Video on Demand

Learn how to take care of your baby especially in the first weeks of life.

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Sun, 01. Jan 2023 - Sat, 01. Jun 2024
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Event description

Are you unsure on how to handle your little baby once it is in your arms?
We will help and show you the essentials of caring for your newborn.

Join this pre-recorded video webinar in your own time to learn how to take care of your newborn.
Recorded with an OB GYN and midwives this gives you the utmost information from both sides.

We will cover the following topics & more:

  • handling your baby
  • dressing and undressing
  • must-haves
  • skincare & bathing
  • pee & poo
  • navel care
  • trouble shooting
  • handout with the main take-aways


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